Welcome to KraftyCats

Welcome to KraftyCats, a delightful jumble of music, crafting, and my two furry friends, Skipper and Charlie!


Hi! I'm Chloé!

A Little Bit About Me

I'm a crafter, a lover of cats, fine writing instruments, and above all, music. Amateur guitarist since 2020, and a writer since I was 13, having worked with editors of many popular knitting and crocheting magazines to get my articles published. I haven't stopped writing since- preferably with one of my favourite fountain pens!
You can expect to see what I'm reading, knitting, listening to on Spotify, and reviews of anything to do with fountain pens (including inks and cases) and books.
You can also expect my two cats, Skipper and Charlie, to gatecrash any pictures that I post, whilst cheerfully destroying my carefully arranged desk.
Stay tuned for posts from my crazy, crafty world!



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